About Us

Nip & Tuck Aesthetics is your trusted destination for any dermatological and cosmetic needs. We have the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists who are internationally trained and board-certified. At Nip & Tuck Aesthetics, stay totally carefree because we understand and protect your privacy.

About Our Clinic

At the heart of the most happening city, Panampilly Nagar, it was difficult to find a skincare clinic that offers cosmetic plastic surgeries until we decided to establish Nip & Tuck. Dr Mahesh Nair and Dr Bibilash Babu made it happen.

The clinic is one of a kind with a world-class centre, state-of-the-art machines, operation theatres, best patient experience, professionally trained staff, privacy and safety. Nip & Tuck, is a one-stop destination for all your cosmetic needs – surgical and non-surgical – assuring a head-to-toe transformation!

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Our Philosophy

We are all created in different shapes and sizes – and all of it changes with age. Cosmetic surgery can help to create more ideal facial profiles and body proportions, and it can help a person to appear to ‘age gracefully. But you certainly don’t have to have cosmetic surgery to be beautiful or handsome.

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder; it is, more importantly, in the eye of the beheld. It is really what you think that matters. That being said,  cosmetic surgery can have a positive, powerful and lasting impact on a person’s life and perspective. 

You may already be absolutely certain that you want to have a particular procedure performed, and we are continually amazed at how thoroughly many patients have educated themselves about specific procedures prior to their consultation. Alternately, you may not yet know what possibilities exist for improving a feature that you would like to change. Or you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what feature it is that ‘ages’ you.

In any case, the only way to truly decide whether or not to have something done is to get the best information available from a reliable source with specific expertise. This has to be someone who you can trust with your well-being.

That information includes a thorough understanding of all options available, both surgical and non-surgical. It should be provided by someone who clearly understands your aesthetic sensibility and goals, with an essence of realism. Hence, we do our best to make every consultation as fruitful as possible.

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Our Mission

An effective cosmetic surgery is a result that looks natural, not ‘done’!

Our Vision

To ensure that all your cosmetic needs, surgical and non-surgical, are taken care of under one roof. Your holistic transformation is our priority!